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Commercial Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

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The appearance of the grass at your business, HOA, condo association, or other commercial or industrial property is important for the overall appearance of the property. A professional lawn fertilization and weed control program is essential to having an amazing appearance but also reduces the overall cost maintaining the property. A well executed lawn fertilization and weed control program keeps your lawn healthy and weed free. By eliminating the weeds your grass doesn't have to fight for nutrients and water needed for its survival and it improves the overall look of the property. A healthy lawn also reduces the maintenance needs over the year, so you can start mowing later in the season and stop before lawns covered in weeds.

Our commercial lawn care program is designed to be flexible and provide the nutrients and weed control services based on soil samples and testing. By doing this we are able to provide only the nutrients your lawn needs to be healthy. Unlike the big franchise companies that use a one size fits all approach to lawn fertilization that can lead to excessive fertilization and excessive lawn growth. We value the relationship with our customers and work hard to provide an amazing experience and amazing results with all of the services we provide.

SIx Step Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Service:

  1. Early Spring Treatment
  2. Spring Treatment
  3. Summer Treatment
  4. Late Summer Treatment
  5. Early Fall Treatment
  6. Late Fall Treatment

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